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This is one of the most difficult questions an injured person will ask an attorney. Cases have value based on five areas, assuming the liability,  i.e., who is at fault and if that is clear. Plaintiffs in personal injury cases are entitled to five areas of damages. 

Those 5 Areas Are As Follows:

  • Past medical bills 
  • Future medical bills 
  • Past lost wages 
  • Loss of earning capacity in the future 
  • Pain and suffering

There is no tried and proven formula to determine exactly how much a case is worth, and it really depends on the seriousness of the injury and how the merits of each case.

Other factors that can affect how much a person will receive for an injury settlement depend upon the severity of the injury, the length of treatment for the injury, the amount of permanent tissue damage done, how much work was missed, how much pay was lost, how it affected the lifestyle and the ability to work of the individual, and what kind of job they had-if it was permanently lost due to the injuries.

Without an experienced lawyer, an insurance company will try to convince you that your claim isn't worth much. An experienced bus injury lawyer knows from years of practice how much a case is worth. They have negotiating skills, the threat of a lawsuit, and more incentive to get you the highest amount possible.

More serious accident settlements also depend on the amount of insurance available, and sometimes, if a person's appearance is affected by scarring or disfigurement. They may also be reliant on whether or not future surgery is recommended by their doctor or if a wrongful death has occurred.

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Our experienced injury law firms will help you determine what legal action is available to get you the maximum compensation you deserve. 

After an accident, your recovery is a top priority. Your financial  obligations, however, will continue to pile up. Bills and other every day expenses can cause additional stress to an overwhelming financial hardship. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help you pay for these costs, as well as compensate you for your pain and suffering.

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If you or a loved one has been in an accident, it’s important to seek experienced legal help. Studies show that parties who retain professional counsel recover 3x more compensation on average than parties who attempt to represent themselves.   

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If you or a loved has been injured in a bus accident due to the negligence of others, we can help.

We have experienced bus accident lawyers that will hold negligent parties' responsible personal injuries, including wrongful death.

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25,000 people are injured in bus crashes annually!

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